El Santo

El Santo
Real Name: Rudolfo Guzman Huerta

Born: 1919

His name was Rudolfo Guzman, but the world would come to know him as "El Santo," the most beloved wrestler in Mexican Lucha Libre history.

The career of El Santo (the Saint) began in 1935 and would stretch for more than 40 years. He began his career following in the footsteps of his brothers Black, Jerry and Javier, all wrestling in Mexico City, Mexico. He originally wrestled under his own name as well as "Red Man" and "Murcielago II" and attained immediate success, defeating Ciclon Veloz to gain the Mexican Welterweight championship. As a testament to his skill, he was sought after as a tag team partner and teamed with such Mexican legends as Gory Guerrero (as Pareja Atomica - the Atomic Couple) and Rayo de Jalisco, holding tag team belts with both. He also won the Mexican Middleweight title in 1954 and the Mexican Light Heavyweight title several times from 1964- 1967.

El Santo was famous for his silver mask - and the fact that he was never seen without it. More than any other wrestler, El Santo was able to keep his true identity and face a mystery and this served him well in creating a mystique which increased his popularity with wrestling fans across Mexico. His appeal, however, did not stop with grappling fans and he would eventually became one of the most popular movie stars in all of Mexico, performing in movies such as Santo vs. the Vampire Women, Santo in the Wax Museum and Mummies of Guanauato. With all of his success and after so many years as an active performer, El Santo decided to call it quits and retired from the Ring in 1983, one year after the debut in the Ring of his son, El Higo Del Santo. For the next two years El Santo worked as a performer in a nightclub, continuing to entertain his fans. On February 5, 1984 he suffered a fatal heart attack in Mexico City, Mexico and the world mourned the loss of an honored champion. True to his larger than life persona, El Santo was buried days later - with his mask on.


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