Terri Runnels


Terri Runnels
Real Name:
Terri Boatright Runnels

Terri Boatright began her career in Professional Wrestling in 1990 using name Alexandra York. She created the York Foundation, consisting of wrestlers Terry Taylor, Ricky Morton and Tommy Rich. After a number of years with success with the Foundation, Boatright met her future husband Dustin Rhodes, son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes.

In 1996, the couple left World Championship Wrestling and headed to the World Wrestling Federation.

When they entered the WWF, Rhodes would take on the name Goldust and Boatright took the name Marlena, acting as his director and manager.

Their careers quickly took off as Goldust captured the WWF Intercontinental Title and Marlena became known as one of the most glamorous women in Professional Wrestling.

As she ponders new career moves, Marlena is poised to find continued success in the sport.


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