Rena Mero

Real Name: Rena Mero

Stats: 5' 6" 118 lbs.
Born: August 8, 1967

When Sable first entered the World Wrestling Federation, she did so as the valet for Hunter Hearst Helmsley. When he acted in a rude manner to her, Marc Mero came to her aid and Sable became the manager, advisor and confidant for "the Wildman."

The truth of the matter is that Sable not only knew Marc Mero before the Helmsley incident, they were in fact married. Sable accompanied him to the WWF and in doing so has expanded her recognition immensely.

Sable worked for a number of years as a model, appearing in commercials for Guess Jeans and Pepsi and appeared in a music video for MTV. As she has continued on in the WWF, her popularity has skyrocketed, literally dwarfing that of Mero. She has won awards for modeling her bathing suit at the WWF Slammy Awards and has been featured on the promotions magazines. Eventually she became more and more involved in the ring competing in matches with her husband and even winning the WWF Women's title belt. As her popularity became bigger and bigger among wrestling fans, she was able to crossover into mainstream America and became one of the most well-known personalities in the entertainment industry, appearing on daytime talk shows and appearing on the cover of numerous magazines. Most prominent amongst these was Playboy magazine. Appearing on the cover as well as int eh monthly pictorial, Rena was later named the Sex Star of the Century.

Just as she began to enjoy her immense success, problems developed around Mero. Conflicts with other WWF performeers as well as disagreements with WWF management about her role with the company led to her quitting her position with the WWF and filin a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the company. After settling the lawsuit, Rena has pursued an actng career but may keep her eye on getting back into the wrestling business in the future.



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