Pedro Morales

Pedro Morales
Real Name: Pedro Morales

Stats: 5' 11" 240 lbs.
Born: November 3, 1942

Pedro Morales will probably go down in history as the greatest Puerto Rican pro wrestling star of the 20th century. He should, however, be recognized as a great champion with excellent ring skills and tactics.

Morales began wrestling in 1958 and after a number of years moved out Los Angeles where he eventually found success, winning the WWA World title in 1965. Over the next two years, he teamed up with partners such as Luis Hernandez, Mark Lewin, Ricky Romero and Victor Rivera to hold the WWA tag title and later teamed with Pepper Gomez in 1967 to capture the NWA World tag team title. After winning various other tag titles (including the Hawaiian tag belts) he moved to the WWWF where he soundly defeated the Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff, to claim the WWWF World title belt on February 8, 1971.

For almost three years Morales reigned as a very popular champion, especially among ethnic crowds in the region. He was noted for his offensive prowess, scientific approach and stamina as he often engaged in long, grueling matches. The most famous of these was with his one time mentor Bruno Sammartino in 1972. In a rare babyface vs. babyface World title match in front of 41,000 people at Shea Stadium in New York, Pedro wrestled Bruno to a 75 minute draw, a testament to his stamina and skill. On December 1, 1973, Morales lost his title to the Texas Wildman Stan Stasiak.


Over the course of the next few years, Morales moved on to the southern and midwestern regions, teaming with the likes of Pat Patterson and Rocky Johnson to win the NWA World tag and Florida tag titles respectively. He returned briefly to the WWF, teaming up with Bob Backlund to hold the WWF tag championship (of which they were later stripped) and then winning the WWF Intercontinental championship, defeating Ken Patera and the Magnificant Muraco.

Morales retired from active wrestling in 1985 after a long popular career. Although he will probably always be overshadowed by his friend Bruno Sammartino, Morales should be remembered for the passion he displayed within the ring and which he stirred within his fans.

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