Francine is many things, and that is how she has reached the level of success she now enjoys.

Many women enter wrestling having been former models or actresses. Francine instead sought to enter by becoming a wrestler. After training under J.T. Smith, she graduated from the ECW Wrestling Academy in 1994.



Francine first made her presence known in Extreme Championship Wrestling as she appeared in the stands each week cheeRing her hero Dancing Stevie Richards. As she continued for weeks to show her admiration, it began to wear on the nerves of Richards mentor, Raven and his valet Beulah. This would lead to a showdown between Francine and Beulah, known as the legendary "catfight." After both women spent time ripping away at the others clothing, Francine looked to have the match in hand when Richards surprised her with a steviekick, allowing Beulah to make the pin.

Francine would go on to manage several wrestlers, including the Pitbulls and Shane Douglas. Along the way she has mixed it up with many opponents, suffeRing punches, superkicks and even a powerbomb through a table.

Francine has given her all to her wrestling career and has become one of the most recognized and respected women in the sport and this popularity should continue into the future.


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