Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit
Real Name: Chris Benoit

Stats: 5' 10" 218 lbs.
Born: May 21, 1967

Chris Benoit is one the most respected mat technicians in the last 25 years. Standing 5' 10" and weighing 220 lbs., Benoit is unlikely to intimidate opponents because of his size, but it is his tenaciousness, intensity and aggressiveness that has caused him to be referred to as "the Crippler", "the Wolverine" and "the Human Buzzsaw."

Benoit began his wrestling career in Calgary Stampede wrestling after training under the legendary Stu Hart in the vaunted "Hart Dungeon." Often teaming with one of the Hart Brothers, Benoit won tag titles while traveling to the United States and to Japan. In Japan and in Mexico Benoit was much admired as he wrestled under the moniker "the Pegasus Kid." After winning the Light Heavyweight title in Mexico, Benoit headed north to Pennsylvania where he showcased his extreme style in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

In 1995, Benoit moved on to World Championship Wrestling where he would become became a member of the most elite fraternity in professional wrestling, the Four Horsemen. Later, Benoit won the WCW World Title belt but frustrated with the behind the scenes political situation in the company, he departed the next week, and moved on to the World Wrestling Federation where he anticipates finding even greater success.

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