"Superstar" Billy Graham

Superstar Billy Graham
Real Name: Wayne Coleman

Stats: 6' 3" 265 lbs.
Born: September 10, 1943

"I am the greatest - the man with the power!" These are the words of the youngest brother of the famous Graham wrestling family, "Superstar" Billy Graham. When asked whether his brothers had been a great influence in his wrestling success, "Superstar" replied "it really doesn't matter because I outshine them all. My brothers are great in their own right, but they can't compare to me."

Click to learn more...This was quite a bold statement considering the great success enjoyed by the legendary brothers but Billy proved his point when he became the only brother to hold a World Heavyweight Championship. Billy first made a name for himself, not as a wrestler, but instead as a bodybuilder. A devoted weightroom fanatic, he won the Title of Mr. Teenage America (among many other bodybuilding awards.) His ability in the gym led him to develop 23" arms and a 56" chest, and caused him to become one of the strongest and most feared wrestlers in the sport. With his famed bearhug hold, Billy ran through opponents until he met Bruno Sammartino for the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship in Baltimore, Maryland, in the Spring of 1977. In a highly controversial bout, the "Superstar" defeated Sammartino to capture the Championship belt.


Graham held on to the title for almost a year, despite sometimes defedning the belt six times a week. In another controversial match, Graham was defeated by a young Bob Backlund. In later years, he would return to the WWF in the role of manager until injuries sustained in the Ring and as a result of long time steroid use forced him to limit his wrestling related activities. In recent years he has become a loud voice in advocating the banning of steroid use in sports.

Known as much for his strut as his strength, Billy Graham was a true "Superstar."


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