Hulk Hogan: Mighty Monarch or Mat Monster?
He is the most important wrestling figure of the past fifteen years. Read this controversial article and decide for yourself. P. 10
Nostalgia Zone: The Shawn Michaels Scrapbook!
This pictorial peeks into Shawn's rambunctious rookie past. P. 14

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Weird Wrestling Tales: Goldust
Can a superb grappling gladiator survive using the most bizarre ring persona of recent times? P. 16
Ring Legend Spotlight: "Killer" Kowalski
A slamtastic one-on-one NWW interview with Walter "Killer" Kowalski, one of the all-time great ring villians, who provides an insightful look at the golden era of the mat sport. P. 18

Warrior Woman: "Cover Girl" Kelly West The glamour girl of the grappling game provides a candid look at the 1996 women's division. P. 31

Has defeat turned Diesel into a Bitter Man?
After riding the crest of the wave as the WWF champion, the seven-foot man mountain must come to terms with the fact that he must work his way back up to the top slot. P. 42

Rassle Rap: Billy Jack Haynes
The Pacific Northwest powerhouse discusses his ups and downs in one of the most demanding professions. P. 22

Next Generation: Jesse James Armstrong
Here 's a unique conversation with one of wrestling's most promising second-generation athletes. P. 46


Next Wave Newsreel - Major-league inside scoops! P. 6

Pen-Pal Universe - Meet New Wavers worldwide! P. 34

Independent Scene - A regional rasslin' roundup. P. 38

International Slams - Global grappling gossip. P. 48

Plus large photos of:
  • Shawn Michaels
  • Razor Ramon
  • Owen Hart
  • Dustin Rhodes
  • "Killer" Kowalski
  • Billy Jack Haynes
  • Diesel
  • Bret "the Hitman" Hart
  • Ahmed Johnson
  • Johnny Gunn
  • Misty Blue
  • Kelly West
  • Dan Severn
  • Miss Texas
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New Wave Wrestling's Official Ranking P. 4

Commentary From the Cutting Edge P. 5

Mike's Mailbag - New Wavers speak out! P. 52

Pinformation - Your wrestling questions answered.

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